Ready for an easier way to find gear deals?

Hi, my name is Jon. Like me you probably buy a lot of gear and are always looking for deals. I previously built one of the most popular outdoors websites, and now I build this for you to save money, but also to support local gear shops (coming soon).

You have a few options to find the deals:

  1. I’ll send you a simple daily email with all the daily deals. I’ll never sell your info.

    • You can follow on Instagram where I post the deals (make sure to turn on post notifications)
    • You can simply look on the homepage where the deals update daily
    • Lastly, you can search for deals on anything. Enter a brand (Marmot), product name (Marmot Refuge), or general (Marmot men’s jacket, men’s down jacket).

    This isn’t a unicorn startup, it’s just me, a dad that likes to get rad outside. If you have questions for feedback I’d love to hear from you.